Hat Trick Media is focused on the creation of unique brand-defining interactive projects and broadcast spots for a variety of media. We work with agencies, we work client direct. We work. Period.

Our specialty is the production of marketing and alternative media initiatives for a client looking to reach an increasingly savvy, hi bandwidth audience.

While we can certainly offer you traditional solutions to traditional needs, we prefer the new and novel - the road less traveled.

Ever mindful of the bottom line, we deliver impact.

The Hat Trick team of producers, directors, engineers, and designers are custom fitted to your project, focused only on its delivery, timelines, budget, and effectiveness.

Hat Trick Media
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Rob has produced elegant and hugely successful products for some of the world's largest brands and personalities. From Sir Richard Branson to global spirits brands to segmented financial news providers, he has lead product development teams from blue sky to global launch; ushered content from brainstorming to broadcast; and monetized large and small yet robust web-based solutions for large and small yet ambitious companies.

His experience working in print, interactive, broadcast, content management systems, industrial design and brand management is tempered by his understanding of client deliverables, having also done equal time on that end of the process.

Caleb Harper Omens has worked in film production for the past 12 years. He began in feature film and has since evolved into a producer of television, film, broadcast commercials, and documentaries. He has worked with a broad range of talent and agencies from Martin Scorcese and Errol Morris to Chiat Day and BBDO.

Familiar with a diverse spectrum of media, he is a member of the Directors Guild of America and brings to the process his extensive experience as a hands-on creative producer. He works domestically as well as abroad.>